Vital Materna PLUS
Doppelherz aktiv
Vital Materna PLUS
  • Advanced formula to support conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Assists women through their pregnancy from the conception time until the end of the breastfeeding period
  • Folic acid for periconceptional folate supplementation
Relax and Sleep Relax and Sleep
Doppelherz system
Relax and Sleep
with Melatonin
  • with 1 mg Melatonin
  • Essential nutrients and herbal ingredients promoting peacefulness and restorative sleep
  • Hop, Melissa and Lavender have acalming effect which helps restore a restful sleep
The German Pharmacy Brand available in Iraq.
The German Pharmacy Brand available in Iraq.

Doppelherz stands for quality and experience for over 100 years. Our high-quality products make a valuable contribution to support the health and well-being of the entire family. We are excited to be able to offer our products in Iraq.

The brand Doppelherz

Doppelherz health products for the entire family

For over 100 years, Doppelherz has been known as brand of quality products that support health and well-being – for a lifetime.

We use only certified, high-quality ingredients in our medicines, medical devices  and food supplements. Today, Doppelherz stands for keeping your entire family healthy. Our product portfolio has grown enormously since the development of the Doppelherz Tonic over 100 years ago. Whether to support your immune system, to combat fatigue and exhaustion, to maintain healthy skin and hair or to strengthen your cardiovascular system: Doppelherz products support a healthy, active lifestyle at any age.

Core products at Doppelherz are its popular food supplements, which contain optimum levels of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and certain fatty acids. After all, our demand for nutrients increases during pregnancy and nursing, and during periods of stress or physical exertion, which put a strain on the body. High-quality Doppelherz food supplements enhance our diet when we’re under more pressure or are unable to eat properly.

We offer products in the right form for every customer’s unique needs and tastes: tablets and capsules you can easily swallow, micropellets, granulated drink mixes, liquid sticks, liquid products, nasal sprays and eye drops.

In 2021, Doppelherz received the prestigious BEST BRANDS TopTen Award in the Health & Well-Being category. In addition to success on the market, this award also takes into account the popularity of a brand among its customers.

Doppelherz uses only climate-neutral processes for manufacturing its products, balancing all unavoidable CO2 emissions arising in the process chain with support for recognised climate-protection projects.